Meet Graeme...

Managing Director

Lifelong outdoors enthusiast, the man behind Galaxy Kayaks and now DRYBONES. A bold personality and a man who never settles for ‘good enough’ when designing any products, whether they are kayaks or coats! Graeme can often be found thinking up new products in his favourite place, The Tides Inn in Aberdyfi!

Meet Sally...

Commercial Director

The lady  behind all of the DRYBONES social media, ambassador relationships, and often, customer services! A huge part of the design process, Sally is amazing at taking on customer feedback to create new products, and she can often be found modeling one of her many DRYBONES coats!

the DRYBONES story

Graeme has a long affinity with the outdoor leisure industry, being the creator and founder of Galaxy Kayaks. Over 15 years ago, Graeme stood on the beach in his beloved Aberdyfi, Wales, fishing and hoping to catch dinner. When along floated, to the shore, a teenager, paddling atop a sit on top kayak. Graeme strolled over to take a look, and thought 2 things; firstly, that the boat was pretty substandard and secondly, that he would love to go out fishing on something similar to it, in order to enhance his fishing experience and success. From this lightbulb moment, he created Galaxy Kayaks, now the UK’s leading supplier of leisure and fishing kayaks, with franchises across Europe, South and North America, the Middle East and Africa. Galaxy Kayaks’ motto is; affordable quality, striving to use the best materials, bringing customers the best prices, whilst providing excellent quality, with NO compromises.

Fast forward 15 years and over 150,000 kayaks sales later, it was on that same beach that Graeme had his second lightbulb moment. Seeing a changing robe for the first time, he went home and researched them. Finding them to be overpriced and of boring design and colours, he set about doing what he does best; creating a high spec waterproof coat, using the best materials, coupled with a cool and funky design, displayed with enhanced embroidery and hence; DRYBONES was born and created. He sat at the bar in Tides Inn, Aberdyfi, enjoying a pint of neck oil, contemplating his future dream and ideas, when Mr Bones and DRYBONES’ branding and logos came to his vision. DRYBONES and Mr Bones were born and created!!

Graeme’s vision for DRYBONES strives to deliver an exciting, practical, highly effective, waterproof coat of exceptional and affordable quality. With an emphasis of being more fitted, and not as oversized, so that it became a waterproof coat, not just for changing in, but a staple to keep you both warm and dry, in our ever- challenging British weather. Likewise, a waterproof coat and robe, not just for beach and coastal activities, but for anyone to use and benefit from, whether that be dog walkers, sports players and supporters, coaches, or people just wanting to embrace outdoor life and living. And that’s exactly what it does – DRYBONES – Keeps Ya Dry to the Bone.

Our Ambassadors



A lifelong friend and partner in Welsh crime, Sally and Shem go back a long way, to their reckless and carefree teenage years of Dyfi life (notably supported by siblings Donk and Jules). Graeme now also highly regards Shem and his fabulous wife Faye as 2 of his best, and most loyal friends and DRYBONES supporters. Graeme and Shem can very often be found scavenging and foraging around the Welsh countryside for mushrooms and other contraband or putting the worlds to right over a roll up and a craft beer. Usually wearing a DRYBONES coat as an ideal fashion accompaniment. Shem is pretty handy with a camera and takes some amazing ‘real’ lifestyle shots of himself, doing all the outdoorsy things, that he loves to do, predominantly wearing a variety of DRYBONES coats, although the pink is bar far his most fetching and favourite. Shem also takes some amazing shots of his stunning daughter Dharma, @dharma_enfys, who also looks fabulous in any DRYBONES attire. 



Dharma is a born and bred  5ft 2 little Welsh pocket rocket. She attends college doing performing arts and musical theatre and aspires to go into acting and drama. She is heavily involved in the aberwstyth Panto. She’s very often on the beach and out and about with dad Shem, kite surfing, wild swimming, hiking and mountain biking. She too is a great advocate for DRYBONES, finding them an essential necessity on all her adventures. She’s also a life guard, a great job to have, helping others to safely enjoy the water too, whilst keeping warm in her DRYBONES changing robe. 


@gardenwithjonny (Instagram) & @jonny11rock (TikTok)

Jonny is hands down our funniest ambassador and certainly brightens up any dull and boring day. He is local to us and is a true hero of a firefighter by day (or usually nights!). Jonny loves the gym, rugby and all things gardening, which he does alongside his passion for creating, and starring in, his hilarious videos. Whether he’s out and about in his garden, the local woods, or simply just doing the school run, he very often can be seen kitted out in his Ocean Camo DRYBONES robe, keeping dry from the British elements. Head over to his Instagram or TikTok accounts and we guarantee it won’t be long before you have a big smile on your face.

Lilly & Isaac

@lil.explores & @jolly_outdoors

We asked Lilly & Isaac for a quote, and they said: “We are Lilly and Isaac, we are happily engaged and love the outdoors. We fell in love with the outdoors just as quickly as we did each other. We first found dry bones almost a year ago and since that day we’ve been huge fans, the robes are perfect for our outdoor adventures and keep us cosy and warm in any weather. We love our robes and will forever choose dry bones as our go to changing robe brand.”



British Army Veteran. Owner of an Orange Camper always on adventures around the UK. Approached DryBones due to the Funky look of the product, its cost, and its warmth. Neil’s orange DRYBONES looks the part to match his amazing campervan! 



We asked Katy for a quote, and she said: “I’m Katy, a busy mum of 4 and also Rudy the Dalmatian. I love fashion and all things glam and stylish. We have 3 DRYBONES and we all love them. They are so Versatile , for all our family members.”



We asked Emma for a quote, and she said: “I’m neonatal nurse and mother of two who identifies as a mermaid. I got into cold water swimming for chemo recovery after cancer treatment. Low tide wave jumping is my favourite- getting bashed around by the waves really knocks the worries out of my mind. DryBones appealed to me because the logo and the colours were absolutely my cup of tea. The brand screamed fun which is what my sea swimming is all about. When I got to know the DryBones family I was so happy I went with you guys – you’re so encouraging and positive. Just lovely! I love my drybones because it’s bright, comfy and kept me warm during a storm!! The sizing is also perfect. Other change robes have always been too big. Drybones have got the sizing perfect!!”

DRYBONES is proud to work with many more amazing ambassadors and supporters who provide us with ‘real’, genuine, happy and satisfied customer content and photos. All these amazing people form a valuable part of TEAM DRYBONES. All very happily Keeping Dry to the Bone in their fabulous DRYBONES waterproof changing robe coats.

So, join us, come along for the ride. Join the DRYBONES life and Keep Dry to the Bone.

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Usual Clothing Size:
4 - 6 womens

4'10" - 5'3"

Model is 5'3" tall and wears a size 8 womens
Small (S)
Usual Clothing Size:
8 - 12 womens (roomy fit) or 12 - 16 womens (snug fit), XS - S Mens

5'4" - 5'9"

Model is 5'4" tall and wears a size 16-18 womens
Medium (M)
Usual Clothing Size:
12 - 16 womens (roomy fit) or 16 - 18 womens (snug fit), S - L Mens

5'9" - 6'1"

Model is 6'1" tall and wears a size M Mens
Large (L)
Usual Clothing Size:
16 - 22 womens, M - XL Mens

5'10" - 6'5"

Model is 5'11" tall and wears a size L Mens
Extra Large (XL)
Usual Clothing Size:
20 + womens, L - XXL Mens

5'10" - 6'8"

Model is 6'4" tall and wears a size L - XL Mens
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