About Drybones

Here at DRYBONES, we are a team of outdoor industry and leisure specialists. 

With extensive knowledge and a fun approach to all things outdoors, right from the get-go, we wanted to develop something new, funky and exciting for the changing robes market. Something bright and eye-catching but also extremely weatherproof and eco-friendly to boot.

Our DRYBONES Changing robes are just that.

Made from recyclable materials that are fully waterproof and windproof with a roasty, toasty synthetic sherpa lambswool lining that will keep Ya Dry To The Bone EVERY time. Whether it’s competitive, open water swimming, standing on the touchlines at an outdoor sporting event, surfing and hanging out at the beach or simply walking your canine friend (like Dexter DRYBONES!),  DRYBONES, quite literally, has you covered. Our promise to you will always deliver: ‘Keeps Ya Dry to the Bone!”

DRYBONES is an eco-friendly company with outstanding quality and design. We have worked with a sounding board group, covering a variety of ages, interests, sports, professionals and leisure leaders in their field, in order to arrive at a product that we are extremely proud of, and ticks every box that we wanted it to achieve.

DRYBONES Materials & Ratings

Our newest DRYBONES coats have been tested and certified, for:



Sherpa Lining

320 GSM




1.4kg (depending on size)

Our seams and logos are all heat bond sealed, and our zips are all YKK branded, too!

You can view our Breathability & Waterproofing certificates by clicking the links below, which open the certificate PDFs.

Breathability     Waterproofing

Caring for your coat

Exciting!! Your DRYBONES has arrived!

When you first unwrap your DRYBONES it is likely to be creased. Do not worry! Hang it up, full length, or simply start wearing it, and the creases will all drop out.  Do not iron or steam it.

Washing and Care Instructions 

Your DRYBONES will not need excessive machine washing which is better for the environment. In fact, your coat will last longer, the less you machine wash it. Try shaking/wiping mud or dirt off before you wash it. A damp cloth will also remove a lot of dirt. Wash your DRYBONES on a cool/quick 30’ wash cycle. Do not use any washing detergent. It will come out still slightly wet on the outside due to the special PU coated weatherproof outer material but this water will just run off. Do not Dry Clean. Do not tumble dry. Wash inside out. Hang or lay flat to dry. We do not recommend excessive machine washing of your DRYBONES coat, as this may affect the outer waterproofing. 

Who Are Galaxy Kayaks?

For over 15 years we have successfully designed and developed our brand leading Galaxy Kayaks into a worldwide audience traversing the globe, from South America, to the UK, to Europe and the Middle East. Please visit our sister site here https://uk.galaxykayaks.eu/

DRYBONES Internal Team

In the office, Sally and Graeme are most ably supported and assisted by Will, Luke and our Office Admin Team.  DRYBONES is a relaxed, cool and exciting place to work and a great company to be involved with. Each and every member of our staff and team are valued and respected, being fully involved in the design and decision-making processes along the way, within DRYBONES headquarters. 

Will  – Office Manager, DRYBONES.

Luke  – Warehouse Manager, DRYBONES.

Office Administrators, DRYBONES.

DRYBONES External Team

Save The Robots Films

DRYBONES has the pleasure of working with industry leading videographers and content providers Koni and Leo from @save_the_robots_films.  Based in Marbella, but hailing from Mexico, Koni and Leo are the perfect team, always bringing new fresh ideas to the table, being able to match the scenario to exceptional models. We look forward to their upcoming, latest released videos, with great anticipation.  

Mucho Amor!

Zero Two Digital

Working closely with Stratford Upon Avon based media company Zero Two Digital; Andrew and Hollie have developed our new website, and we think it’s pretty epic.  They are a committed, young, and vibrant company, looking to use the latest in innovation and design to help us stand out; whether it’s websites, logos, or SEO, we know we’re covered with Zero Two Digital.


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Extra Small Adult (XSA)
Usual Clothing Size:
4 - 6 womens

4'10" - 5'3"

Model is 5'3" tall and wears a size 8 womens
Small (S)
Usual Clothing Size:
8 - 12 womens (roomy fit) or 12 - 16 womens (snug fit), XS - S Mens

5'4" - 5'9"

Model is 5'4" tall and wears a size 16-18 womens
Medium (M)
Usual Clothing Size:
12 - 16 womens (roomy fit) or 16 - 18 womens (snug fit), S - L Mens

5'9" - 6'1"

Model is 6'1" tall and wears a size M Mens
Large (L)
Usual Clothing Size:
16 - 22 womens, M - XL Mens

5'10" - 6'5"

Model is 5'11" tall and wears a size L Mens
Extra Large (XL)
Usual Clothing Size:
20 + womens, L - XXL Mens

5'10" - 6'8"

Model is 6'4" tall and wears a size L - XL Mens
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